Friday, 12 October 2012

Westfields Food!

My mums peach ice tea.
My orange berry blast.

Yaki Soba.
Ebi Katsu.
Tori Kara Age.

 My name is actually spelt Kayleigh, This gave me a little giggle.

Overall a very foody day. We went to Wagamama's a Japanese inspired resturant to have our main meal. We enjoyed Yaki Soba, Ebi Katsu & Tori Kara Age. For drinks we had peach iced tea & orange berry blast. Then we wanted a snack so had some raspberry ripple ice cream. Lastly we needed a drink after all that shopping so i had a coffee frappuccino & my mum had an americano at starbucks.


  1. Hey Kazzii, although I entered your competition I didn't know about leaving my info then, and when I tried just now I couldn't comment for some reason, probably my fault.
    Anyway as you already know my name is Angela, I'm 52 and from Manchester. I came to your blog via The Battle of the Boxes page on FB. x

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Angela! Nope not your fauly hun, i just created the little box on the giveaway page to track who enters to make it abit easier.

    So as you may or may not know I'm Kayleigh (Kazzii), i just turned 20, im from Essex. I really love blogging, beauty, haircare, make-up abit of everything really :).