About Kayleigh

How Old Are You?
I'm 21.

Whens Your Birthday?

October 9th.

Where Are You From & Where Do You Live?

I Am From Essex, England & I Still Live Here. 

What Did You Study At College?
Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 2 & VCTC Level 3.

What Are Some Of Your Hobbies?

Spending Time With My Fiancee/Family/Friends, Photography, Shopping, Cooking, Cinema, Beauty & Blogging Of Course! :)

What Is Your Favourite Skincare Brand?

Clarins + La Prairie. 

What Is Your Favourite Make-Up Brand?

Benefit, Illamasqua, MAC, Dior.

Do You Wear Glasses Or Contact Lenses?

I Wear Glasses Everyday.

What Is Your Favourite Sweet Brand?


Why Are You Showing Us All Of Your Hauls?

I Don't Do It To Show Off, As I Am A Regular Person Like Everyone Else. I Do It Because I Myself Search On The Internet For Photos/Reviews And Think To Myself It Would Be A Brilliant Idea To Document My Photos And Thoughts For Other People To Benefit From.

Why Did You Set Up A Blog?
I Thought It Would Be Amazing To Do All The Things I Love. I Love Photography, I Love Writing Reviews For Others To Read.

Do You Have Any Pets? 

I Have 7 Rats, Yes I Know Right? They Are The Most Adorable, Intelligent & Beautiful Animals I Have Come Across. I Also Have 4 Cats, 1 Dog + My Fiancee Has 1 Gecko. 

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  1. Hi Kayleigh, I have nominated you for a Liebster award:http://yellowhairedreviewer.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/liebster-award.html (I just noticed you already have one though, sorry!)