Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Budget Bucket List Competition

Hi lovelies, 
I am feeling unwell today, but wanted something  to do. I was recently reading a blog post & Dee (Deanne at Daydreams & Dee) Inspired me to do this blog post :). This is my entry into the Budget bucket list competition. I think this is a really great idea, as this bucket list is achievable.

1. Get A New Wardrobe
2. Learn To Drive
3. Go To America
4. Get A Good Car
5. Get A House Of Our Own

Pax Wardrobe By Ikea 

A new wardrobe i hear you say? With lots of gorgeous clothes & accessories? No, i actually want the wardrobe its self :). I would really love a Pax wardrobe by Ikea. I Love how sleek & organised it is. This would also be great to take to mine & my fiancees new house, rather than my old wardrobe. I have had my wardrobe now for atleast 8 years.

Whats Stopping Me?
This will cost me £430 altogether and while this isn't a huge amount, its still going to take me time to save, while paying all my other bills at the same time.

Learn To Drive 

 Because i am 21 this year, i have been wanting to drive since i was 17. It's just so great to know & you dont have to wait in the cold at the bus stop.

Whats Stopping Me?
Learning to drive takes alot of time, money & commitment. I've never really had consistent money coming in, that's why i never pursued driving properly.

Holiday In America 

Since being  a little kid everything about America fascinates me. There are so many states id like to visit. Florida, California, New York & Texas to name some. 

Whats Stopping Me?
To be honest i couldn't even afford the flights & hotel, let alone the spending money for food & days out.

Get A Car

The next part after passing your driving test. I am lucky enough to already own a car, but my car of choice would probably be a Fiesta like this.

Whats Stopping Me?
The amount of the car could be saved up, but as for insurance it is just so expensive.

Get A House Of Our Own

Me & my fiancee have been together for 6 & a half years now. We feel we are ready for the next step in our lives together.

Whats Stopping Me? 
The massive amount of money we would need for a deposit.

This is my bucket list, while my list may seem simple to some people. It means so much to me & I'd be truly ecstatic to complete this list :).

I would love to see entries from:
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Thrifty Girl Loves

If you would like to apply go to:

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