Wednesday, 3 July 2013

BzzAgent YUM Butter & Soft Cheese.

Hi Everyone, 
Today i'll be telling you about my YUM Bzz campaign :).

What I Received In My BzzKit:
  • 1 free coupon for Yum Buttery or Olive Spread, for you to use exclusively at Tesco
  • 1 coupon for £1 off any Yum Soft Cheese, for you to use exclusively at Tesco
  • Pass along coupons for 50p off Yum products, for use exclusively at Tesco

YUM Recipe:

Serves 1:
1 Teaspoon Of YUM Buttery Spread
1 Cup Of Pasta
2 Mushrooms
1/4 Onion
2 Slices Of Ham
1 Tablespoon Of YUM Garlic & Herb Soft Cheese

First start by frying your mushrooms & onion in a teaspoon of YUM butter. Set them aside & boil your pasta. Drain your pasta, add your mushrooms, onion, ham & YUM garlic & herb soft cheese while still over the hob. You have a quick meal prepared & ready in 20 minutes.  

YUM Garlic & Herb Soft Cheese Review:

I got the YUM garlic & herb soft cheese. It’s so versatile. You can have it on toast, in a jacket potato, to make a pasta sauce. The price is very fair it's £1.70 for 250g tub. Similar products are more than £2. I love the fact it comes in some different variations. It's a medium fat soft cheese, which i think if the taste is great, people can't resist it. I love cheese & it was great trying this range.

YUM Buttery Spread Review:

 recently tried Yum's buttery spread on some fresh bread. I wanted to try it in its purest form without disguising the taste. I have to say they got it right on this one, it really is YUM! What i love about this is its a lovely taste, it isnt salty like alot of butters/spreads. Its great to spread, some butters remind me of spreading cement. I think the price of this product is really fair comparing this to other 500gs of butter. This is also quite a healthy option which is great information to know. 

Some Ideas For YUM:

I'd love to see YUM soft cheese with chilli or onion. YUM could expand there collection not only doing dairy products, but some sort of sandwich fillings? I think that would be a brilliant idea. They could also add sweet items than just savoury, like making a yoghurt. This would stick with the dairy theme.


  1. The garlic one is great because unlike other spreads it has actual little garlic pieces in. really tasty I found - and perfect for making a risotto really creamy

  2. I love anything with garlic. Oh risotto sounds lovely, i may have to give that a try.