Thursday, 29 November 2012

Murad Haul Number 2.

Hi lovelies, 
Just doing a quick post about a recent haul (if you can call it that). I purchased the exfoliating blemish treatment gel by Murad 30ml (£15.50) & entered in the promotion bar BALANCE. I received a lovely gift set called perfect balance worth £89.70. This set includes: t-zone pore refining gel 60ml (full size), blemish treatment concealer 2.5g (full size), oil control mattifer 10ml & hydro-dynamic ultimate moisture for eyes 3.5ml.  As you can imagine im very happy with this promotion. Its a great little gift set which is perfect for my skintype & skin concerns. What is your favourite Murad product?

Japonesque Beauty Fixation Swabs.

Hi guys, 
Today ill be talking about Japonesque Beauty Fixation swabs. They come in different types: make up remover, tinted lip conditioner, cuticle conditioner, pre-tweeze treatment, polish touch up & lipstick touch up. I purchased 3 out of the 6. I got make up remover, tinted lip conditioner & cuticle conditioner. They are a great idea! Brilliant for travel so you don't have to take bottles & cotton swabs. After trying them i'm really impressed. The swabs remove make up quickly/gently, the lip conditioner is a lovely colour/moisturising & the cuticle conditioner is a lovely texture/makes your cuticles look very well conditioned. Have you tried this product? What do you think? They were quite difficult to find in the UK which is a shame. You can purchase these for £6 a pack at

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Murad Haul.

Hi guys, 
I recently did a post regarding an offer Murad was doing via Zest magazine. If you entered ZESTGIFT in the promotion bar you would get a free gift set worth £37.50. So i ordered the pomegranate lip protector. This is a brilliant offer & a great introduction to Murad products.

Candlewick Greens

Hi lovelies,
I'm doing this post because i recently received a haul from Candlewick Greens. This company is run by a lovely lady called Lisa. She makes gorgeous wax tarts, wax melts & candles. The products i bought: sex song, glittery vampire, off on a limb, comforting berry & bath off wax tarts. She also included two samples (which I'm very grateful for). I am so unbelievably happy with these wax tarts, they smell absolutely amazing. Buy yours here: