Monday, 12 November 2012

Nails Inc Order.

Hi guys, 
So sorry i havnt posted for four days. I've been ill, i had to attend the hospital yesterday (4 hour wait), they had to put needles in both arms & hands because my body doesnt like to give blood. So as you can imagine it was quite a struggle for the poor nurses to get the blood from me. I have quite severe migraines. I was on a laptop ban yesterday :(. But i'm back today feeling alot better. I have a little nails inc haul for you all. I purchased a couture polish in ''kensington park road'' with a crystal cap. I think that is such a wicked idea to make the polish your own. You have to pick the colour, the cap, the wording on the bottom of the polish, the stickers on the box. I also bought elizabeth street polish & whitehall magnet polish. Then i got this stunning gift which includes 4 mini polishes (4ml each) & a kensington caviar hand cream (50ml).

I am seriously impressed Nails inc, not only was your service completely amazing. But the free gift is the cutest thing ever & im now the proud owner of it. I am building my nail polish collection. So thanks for helping me :). This lovely bundle of pretty things is now going away for Christmas. What you didn't think i was some rich kid that could buy these things when i wanted did you? ;)
Thanks for reading lovelies. 


  1. Well Its my birthday at the end of the month so I'm just going to have to treat myself now!


  2. Its always nice when you get great free gifts like these :) love them x