Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Experience With HD Brows.


Hi my lovelies, 
I had a HD brow treatment on Tuesday & I thought id just tell you abit about my experience. HD brow is a 7 step treatment to perfect your eyebrows & shape them to your facial features. 1 - preparation & assessment, 2 - tint, 3 - wax, 4 - threading, 5 - tweezing, 6 - trimming & 7 - filling in. This is honestly a great treatment. I am so pleased with my results. This took around 20 minutes & cost £25 (I'm in the Essex area). Honestly this was painless in my opinion. So don't be afraid that they are going to wax, thread & tweeze thinking it will be very painful.  HD brow retail items such as: Eyebrow palettes, Eyebrow pencils, Eyebrow setting gel, Tweezers, Make-up remover, Eye serum & Eyebrow growth serum. To find your nearest salon offering the HD brow treatment go to:







My results:


  1. They look fab! I have the brow palette from HB Brows but I always fear that having the salon treatment would result in serious 'Scouse Brow' which is definitely not for me. But seeing your pics I can see they dont Scouse Brow you at all, I might have to see if there's somewhere that does it in my area now :)

  2. Thanks my love. I can completely understand you. Just say you want your eyebrows tinted close to your natural hair colour or the hair colour you have. I prefer natural well shaped brows than really dark eyebrows that dont match my hair colour. I think id look a tad wierd (but thats just my opinion). Let me know how you get on if you do get them done hunny! :)
    Kazzii x