Tuesday, 9 July 2013

14 Day Make-Up Challenge.

Hi Guys, 
I'm going to do a make up challenge. I found this on Beth's blog (All Things Beautiful)
So thank you Beth for letting me use it.

Here are the different days:

1. Natural
2. Winged Shadow
3. Colourful
4. Glitter
5. Your Everyday Look
6. Autumn
7. Lashes
8. Smoky Eye
9. Celebrity Inspired
10. Graphic Liner
11. Rainbow Eye
12. Pop Of Colour
13. In The Dark 
14. Anything 

Here is day 1 my natural look. 

MAC paint in bare canvas
Benefit high brow
MAC naked lunch eye shadow
MAC cross cultural eye shadow 
MAC vanilla pigment 
Eyeko liquid eye liner in black
Clarins eye liner pencil in grey
Urban Decay brow box in brown sugar

La Prairie skin caviar concealer & foundation in porcelain blush
Benefit fakeup concealer in light 01
Clarins bronzing duo SPF 15 mineral powder compact in 01 light
MAC mineralized skinfinish in lightscapade

Dior addict lipstick in 646 wild
Givenchy gloss d'interdit 8 lilac confession

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Our Beautiful Time In Olu Deniz.

Hi my beautiful readers, 
From 10th June - 24th June Me & my Fiancee stayed at Hotel Greenland in Turkey (Olu Deniz). We had a brilliant time.  We did 6 excursions. Dalyan discovery, Lycian & Kalkan ruins, Bargains & Bays, Day trip to Rhodes, Jeep safari & Chill out cruise. We were close to Hisaronu aswell which had lots of shops. The highest temperature was 42 degrees! Quite different to England. Our hotel was very clean, the staff were kind & helpful. Food was gorgeous & there was lots of choice. This was the perfect first holiday. I included some photos, don't worry not 100s or you'll be bored stiff!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Experience: Giving Blood.

Hi Guys, 

I'll be talking about something that is very close to my heart. Giving blood. Why does it mean so much to me you ask? Because when my mum was giving birth to me she needed to have a blood transfusion. So in a way i feel like i am giving back, what saved my mums life. I am going to be honest, I didn't have the best experience giving blood. But would i do it again? In the blink of an eye. I went to the give blood session. First i had to fill out my details, i got asked some questions & i got to ask questions back. 

Then the nurse had to make sure my haemoglobin levels were ok, so that giving blood wouldn't make me anaemic. Then i had to drink some water & away we went. The particular problem i had was i bruised straight away. Also my blood didn't want to come out unfortunately. So while laying on the bed i got very dizzy, i thought i might pass out. I had to stop giving blood, therefore didn't make it to the 470ml you are supposed to give. Which was so dissapointing.

 Because this happened to me does not mean it will happen to you, so please dont let it scare you away. The staff were very kind & understanding.They really put themselves out to look after me. I would recommend if you can give blood, please do. Its an hour out of your day to save someones life. Don't worry that you are giving away your blood because it re-generates its self very quickly. I am planning to give blood again in October.

For more information go to: www.blood.co.uk

BzzAgent Compeed Blister Plasters.

What I Received In My BzzKit:
  • 1 pack of COMPEED® Medium Blister Plasters
  • 15 pass along samples for friends and family
  • Jordi Labanda Limited Edition pack COMPEED® Heel Plasters
My Review: 

Recently went on holiday to Turkey. Me & my fiancee did a lot of excursions, which meant alot of walking. I did unfortunately get a blister, but this gave me a good excuse to use my Compeed plasters. I applied this to my heel straight away & I must say i really love Compeed blister plasters. They are very comfortable to wear, it instantly reduced the pain. 

They heal your blister very quickly. They are like a second skin. The best bit is they stay put for a couple of days, Compeed blister plasters aren't like a regular plaster that loses its sticky after a few hours. It even stayed on in the shower, the swimming pool, etc. Something else that stood out to me. Compeed made them nude to blend to your skin, they are no an unsighly colour. They are compact to have in your handbag for an emergency. I am very pleased, i would absolutely buy these in the future & recommend them.

My Best Shoes:

BzzAgent YUM Butter & Soft Cheese.

Hi Everyone, 
Today i'll be telling you about my YUM Bzz campaign :).

What I Received In My BzzKit:
  • 1 free coupon for Yum Buttery or Olive Spread, for you to use exclusively at Tesco
  • 1 coupon for £1 off any Yum Soft Cheese, for you to use exclusively at Tesco
  • Pass along coupons for 50p off Yum products, for use exclusively at Tesco

YUM Recipe:

Serves 1:
1 Teaspoon Of YUM Buttery Spread
1 Cup Of Pasta
2 Mushrooms
1/4 Onion
2 Slices Of Ham
1 Tablespoon Of YUM Garlic & Herb Soft Cheese

First start by frying your mushrooms & onion in a teaspoon of YUM butter. Set them aside & boil your pasta. Drain your pasta, add your mushrooms, onion, ham & YUM garlic & herb soft cheese while still over the hob. You have a quick meal prepared & ready in 20 minutes.  

YUM Garlic & Herb Soft Cheese Review:

I got the YUM garlic & herb soft cheese. It’s so versatile. You can have it on toast, in a jacket potato, to make a pasta sauce. The price is very fair it's £1.70 for 250g tub. Similar products are more than £2. I love the fact it comes in some different variations. It's a medium fat soft cheese, which i think if the taste is great, people can't resist it. I love cheese & it was great trying this range.

YUM Buttery Spread Review:

 recently tried Yum's buttery spread on some fresh bread. I wanted to try it in its purest form without disguising the taste. I have to say they got it right on this one, it really is YUM! What i love about this is its a lovely taste, it isnt salty like alot of butters/spreads. Its great to spread, some butters remind me of spreading cement. I think the price of this product is really fair comparing this to other 500gs of butter. This is also quite a healthy option which is great information to know. 

Some Ideas For YUM:

I'd love to see YUM soft cheese with chilli or onion. YUM could expand there collection not only doing dairy products, but some sort of sandwich fillings? I think that would be a brilliant idea. They could also add sweet items than just savoury, like making a yoghurt. This would stick with the dairy theme.

Budget Bucket List Competition

Hi lovelies, 
I am feeling unwell today, but wanted something  to do. I was recently reading a blog post & Dee (Deanne at Daydreams & Dee) Inspired me to do this blog post :). This is my entry into the Budget bucket list competition. I think this is a really great idea, as this bucket list is achievable.

1. Get A New Wardrobe
2. Learn To Drive
3. Go To America
4. Get A Good Car
5. Get A House Of Our Own

Pax Wardrobe By Ikea 

A new wardrobe i hear you say? With lots of gorgeous clothes & accessories? No, i actually want the wardrobe its self :). I would really love a Pax wardrobe by Ikea. I Love how sleek & organised it is. This would also be great to take to mine & my fiancees new house, rather than my old wardrobe. I have had my wardrobe now for atleast 8 years.

Whats Stopping Me?
This will cost me £430 altogether and while this isn't a huge amount, its still going to take me time to save, while paying all my other bills at the same time.

Learn To Drive 

 Because i am 21 this year, i have been wanting to drive since i was 17. It's just so great to know & you dont have to wait in the cold at the bus stop.

Whats Stopping Me?
Learning to drive takes alot of time, money & commitment. I've never really had consistent money coming in, that's why i never pursued driving properly.

Holiday In America 

Since being  a little kid everything about America fascinates me. There are so many states id like to visit. Florida, California, New York & Texas to name some. 

Whats Stopping Me?
To be honest i couldn't even afford the flights & hotel, let alone the spending money for food & days out.

Get A Car

The next part after passing your driving test. I am lucky enough to already own a car, but my car of choice would probably be a Fiesta like this.

Whats Stopping Me?
The amount of the car could be saved up, but as for insurance it is just so expensive.

Get A House Of Our Own

Me & my fiancee have been together for 6 & a half years now. We feel we are ready for the next step in our lives together.

Whats Stopping Me? 
The massive amount of money we would need for a deposit.

This is my bucket list, while my list may seem simple to some people. It means so much to me & I'd be truly ecstatic to complete this list :).

I would love to see entries from:
Pearls & Poodles
Brogan Tate xo
Thrifty Girl Loves

If you would like to apply go to:

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Selection Of Clothes For Turkey :)

Hi Lovelies,
I've added some photos of some clothes i bought for my holiday in June & i think this could be a good post to read for people that dont have a clue what to take. (How i was before i did some research :)


Kelly Cut Out Side Cap Sleeve Knot Dress (Fuschia) £10

Davina Wrap Over Detail Tulip Shape Dress (Black) £15

 Kate Lace Cap Sleeve Backless Bodycon Dress (Cream) £20

Laura Racer Back Maxi Dress (Plum) £12

 White Tube Top £3.99
 Purple Tube Top £3.99
 Turquoise Tube Top £3.99
White Vest Top £3.99

Turquoise Vest Top £3.99

Purple Vest Top £3.99

Cream Waterfall Open Front Cardigan £7.99 

Blue Polka Dot High Waisted Denim Shorts £19.99  


Washed Floral Print Denim Shorts £12

 River Island Diamante 3D Flower Bikini Top White £18 

 ASOS Crochet Ruffle Skirted Bikini Pant White £16

 Lepel Magnolia Moulded Swimsuit £40