Sunday, 21 October 2012

Not Another Lush Haul!

 Hi everyone! 
So on Saturday i went to Lush with my mum. I'm sure I'm addicted. This time i went to Lush in Lakeside shopping centre. This is my closest Lush (it's 10 minutes from my house). They had an event promoting no cop out for wildlife. They were also running a competition all you had to do is go into store and say fluffy bunnies to a staff member and you get entered to win a goodie bag, there was also two runner up prizes. 

I had a list before i went to Lush. Here's what i purchased: 250g of angels delight soap, 250g snowglobe soap, Christmas eve bubble bar, golden wonder ballistic, midnight massage massage bar & 250g of twilight shower gel. I also asked for some samples i got: bb seaweed fresh face mask, big shampoo, ponche shower gel & happy happy joy joy conditioner. Some of these items you have seen in my previous hauls this is because i love them so much i have decided to stock up as these are Christmas only products. 

I had such a lovely time all staff were really kind and helpful. They have such great knowledge its amazing to listen to. They make your shopping experience brilliant. I always find myself coming away from Lush thinking ''Ooh I'll get that next'' There is always something Lush i want via recommendation. I also have to thank Lush Lakeside for the brilliant photos of there products it was very kind of them to do this for my blog.    

My haul:


  1. OMG I AM SO JEALOUS!!! i have always wanted to go to a lush store but there isnt one near me... :( great haul
    Trying to get 50 subs... Follow me?
    -Jen<3 :D

  2. Aw hun, where are you from? I'll go over to your blog now :).
    Good luck with the 50 subs x