Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lush Haul Part 1.

Hi Guys. 
So i placed an order with Lush on 30/09/12 my order arrived today. I did notice the box looked abit bashed up, which is totally not Lush. They always pay great attention to detail. So i opened up my order & 7 things were missing. I was really gutted, obviously someone from UPS had helped themselves & wrapped it back up (dodgily might i add). So i got straight onto Lush, i talked to a lovely gentleman who was happy to sort the situation. He said se would be sending my missing   ttems, adding in a lovely little freebie as an apology & it would be sent via 24 hour courier. So this post is to praise Lush's customer service, they really are amazing. Thankyou Lush. 

I only received 4 items out of 11 :(.

The samples i asked for.

I will of course be posting a review of my full haul. Thank You for looking. Kazzii x

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