Saturday, 29 September 2012

Thirty Before Thirty.

One. Move In With My Fiancee.
Okay so i do already live with him. BUT we don't have our own house yet, so it would be so great to have our own space & make it our own.

Two. Get 1000 Subscribers. 
So i know i only just started my blog, but i have really big aspirations. 1000 subscribers would be amazing.

Three.  Find A Job I Really Love & I'm Happy In.
We all have jobs that are acceptable, but i want this to be a dream job. where in the mornings i am excited to get to gork.

Four. Learn To Drive.
Unfortunately i am only getting older & i would love to be independent, be able to go anywhere i'd like to.

Five. Get Great At Baking & Decorating.
I've recently got Quite interested in baking cakes. So i'd really like to have a real talent for it.

Six. Give Blood. 
Everytime i have tried to give blood unfortunately there has been something stopping me. This is something that is so close to my heart, i need to do this one day.

Seven. Get Married.
I have been with my fiancee for nearly six years already. I know he is the guy i am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, even though we are still young. but when its true love, you just know...

Eight. Have A Spectacular Vanity Area.
I must say i'm very OCD in how i organise things, id love to have a set up that makes you say Wow!

Nine. Inspire Someone. 
When i feel inspired, i feel like i can take on the world. I'd love to make someone feel like that.

Ten. Have Our First Baby. 
I think having a family is the most beautiful thing & to have my own would be very special.

Eleven. See Michael Buble In Concert. 
I just LOVE Michael Bubble. He sings mine & my fiancees song ''Hold On'' it would be great to see him, he Is great at what he does.

Twelve. Go To Australia. 
I know the flight is SO long being 24 hours. But i do think it will be worth it. For the brilliant weather, gorgeous scenes, Etc.

Thirteen. Do A Make-Up Artist Course.
I have a massive passion for make-up & would love to qualify to one day be a make-up artist.

Fourteen. Go To London & Do Photography.
Everything in London is just so much better than everywhere else! I want to get some great shots.

Fifteenth. Try & Have A Healthier Diet By Planning My Meals.
I'd love to have heathy but tasty food throughout the day.

Sixteen. Have A Date Night Every Month.
Reality can sometimes be pretty boring. So date night could give you something to look forward to with someone you love & you can do something different that you wouldnt normally do.

Seventeen. Save, Save, Save.
So yes this is boring. But when you spend it you will get a sense of being proud because you did it all on your own & you never know when it might come in useful.

Eighteen. Eat In A Michelin Star Restaurant. 
I really admire a few chefs including Gordon Ramsey, Heston Bloomenthal, Gregg Wallace, John Torode & would really like to eat in one of their restaurants.

Nineteen. Go To Live Gigs/Festivals.
Don't you just love it ehen theres lives music, alcohol & just a fab atmosphere. I do :)

Twetny. Get Tattoo Number Three.
I like many people see tattoos as a form of art & expressing yourself. I think if you have an amazing tattoo artist, you will of course have an amazing tattoo.

Twenty One. Give Up Shopping For A Whole Month!
I'd like to do this because i have no discipline when it comes to buying beauty products, make-up, hair products, well anything for that matter!

Twenty Two. Don't Waste A Moment.
With regrets, i wish or taking anything for granted. Be happy with what you do have & make the best of it.

Twenty Three. Do The Race For Life.
I think cancer research is so Iimportant. We need to help fund it, I'd be very proud to run for all the people that have lost there battle to cancer & help develop research.

Twenty Four. Go On Some Sort Of Cruise Or Backpacking Trip.
How exciting must it be going around the world for an adventure!

Twenty Five. Go On A New York Shopping Trip At Christmas.
I love the thought of New York, shopping & christmas.

Twenty Six. Visit The Great Anglian Regiment.
I'd love to thank our soldiers & pay my respects to our fallen soldiers.

Twenty Seven. Visit A Wonka Candy Factory.
Ok i love sweeties, i'd be interested to see how they are made.

Twenty Eight. Learn To Play The Guitar. 
I think its an amazing instrument.

Twenty Nine. Travel To All 50 United States.
Since being a child, although i haven't been to America yet. I'm just obsessed i imagine it to be breathtaking.

Thirty. Go To Ground Zero & Lay Flowers.

It has been something i have followed since it happened & i would love to pay my respects.


  1. Awesome list and great blog, looking forward to your She Said Beauty post :)

  2. Thanks My Lovely. I Can't Wait To Receive It! I'm Like A Big Kid At Christmas. I Shall Follow You Back & I Also Can't Wait To See What You Think Of The She Said Beauty Box.
    Kazzii x