Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lush Mothers Day & Easter Haul.

Hi lovelies, 
Not another Lush haul! I'm sorry, I'm an absolute addict. I was running short on bath products, so i decided to buy some. I purchased: The immaculate eggception ballistic, Fluffy egg ballistic, Easter egg hunt soap, Madame butterfly bubble bar, Dragons egg ballistic, Sex bomb ballistic & Ultimate shine shampoo bar. The lovely Lush team included some samples i asked for: Handy gurugu hand cream, Ultrabland cleanser, Porridge soap & Big solid conditioner. I'll be reviewing the individual products for you.


  1. I LOVE Dragons Egg, it is amazing!
    And I really want to try Henata from the Easter range. Love Lush! x

  2. I think dragons egg is so citrussy and refreshing. The easter range is really cute this year. I am also a complete Lush addict hehe. Thanks for posting your link, ill be sure to look at your blog and follow :D
    Kazzii x