Monday, 21 January 2013

Make-Up Storeage Ideas.

Hi my lovelies, 
I'm quite excited about this post, i think beauty storeage posts are really inspirational so i decided to do one of my own. For my mineralized skin finishes & blushes by MAC i use a clear acrylic tray (I purchased this from Ebay, this come as a set of six). This works really well as i only have 8 MSF's, this allows me to quickly see them all.

For MAC eyeshadows i love the usual MAC palettes they hold 15 pans. Whats really great about them is they are magnetic, sleek & very sturdy. If you were to take this palette on holiday or drop it, your eyeshadows would still be in once piece. (Palettes are easy to get a hold of on the MAC website or any MAC store). 

Then moving onto pigment samples in 5 gram jars. Bead organizers do the job, they hold 18 jars & have a slide lock on the lid. (These can be brought online on either Ebay or craft websites).  

Ice cube trays as a lipstick holder? This is a really inexpensive way to store lipsticks mine are from The Range

Moving onto my vase brush storeage, you just need to give it that extra something by decorating your own tag. 1. Get two pieces of beautiful card (one plain/one patterned) remember your plain piece has to fit in the middle of the patterned piece. 2. Ink the edges of the plain card. 3 Attach the plain card to the middle of the patterned card. 4. Write what you want on your tag. 5. You can put a lovely flower with a brad in the middle to give it that special look. Vases from Ikea.

As for the cutlery tray, i like this to put my random palettes, full size pigments, glitter/normal eyeliners, just bits & bobs really. Mine is from The Range

When it comes to cotton products such as cotton pads, cotton buds, etc. I like them to be in a sterile & closed jar. I put a bit of holographic silver ribbon round the neck of the jar to make it look pretty. Mine are from Ikea

It's abit sad, but my perfume doesn't really have a home yet. I store mine ontop of my Malm drawers.

Last but not least are my collection of facial products & Lipglosses. I have seen this storage tray on everyones blog or storeage videos! It is great because it allows your lipglosses to stand up. The plastic inserts with holes can be removed, so the choice is yours. This was also from Ikea.


  1. wow Kayleigh you have some great storage, for some fabulous make up! You're the second person I have seen recently who uses a cutlery drawer, I think it's a great idea. So nice to see how every one stores their stuff, yours is extra well organised.
    Angela x

  2. Thanks hunny, i love taking inspiration from other peoples ideas. I thought i might be able to help someone :D. Glad you like this post. There are some really effective and inexpensive ways to store beauty items.
    Kazzii x

  3. Great storage Ideas, When I've finished glass candles I get rid of the wax inside and then reuse them for storage!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  4. Thank you :), iv seen someone do that with yankee candle jars and it looks great! Its brilliant for recycling. I'm going to have a look at your blog :).
    Kazzii x

  5. I try to stack everything on the side, so it saves room. You should save the boxes, cut them in half, and tape them together. That's what I do ;D I use Oreo trays for my paintpots lol